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About Us

Virext Technologies Inc. was founded in 1999 as a provider of Internet and Software Development Solutions and Virtual IT Extensions to business organizations. We provide our clients with a cost effective competitive-edge in today's marketplace. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, most cost effective and efficient solutions and services for our clients. To accomplish this we employ the following strategies:
  • We Listen to our Clients
  • We Deliver the Products, Services and Solutions our Clients Need
  • We build Quality into our Products, Services and Solutions
  • We Maintain Best-in-Class Resources and Partnerships

The experience of our staff is as varied as the products we work with. We employ professionals who bring a wide variety of expertise in all areas of information sciences. Some of our staff are experts in hardware and software tools and configurations, others are experts in the methodologies required for development of complex integrated software systems. Our senior staff brings expertise with development and implementation methodologies they have tested and refined during positions held with Fortune 100 companies. These methods provide the basis for conducting planning, custom software development, solution acquisition and system integration services that are high quality, cost-effective and on-time in delivery.

Our experience is as varied as the solutions we provide. Our founder John Redman has over 30 years in the computer industry and holds a Bachelors degree in Engineering Computer Science from the University of South Florida. His career includes positions in Engineering and Information Technology ranging from software development, project management, to managing global software development organizations for companies such as Compaq, Intel, Microsoft, Northrop, Intech, and Ranger Automated Systems. He has performed business throughout the US, Europe, Africa and India. In 1999 he left his position at Compaq and returned to Treasure Island Florida to form Virext Technologies, Inc.



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