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Software Development and Databases

When standard off-the-shelf software packages do not provide the right solution to your business needs, custom software developed to your exact requirements may be the right solution. A thorough requirements analysis will provide the information necessary to select the best combination and integration of solution alternatives. Whether it is augmenting the functionality of existing software or developing complete custom integrated solutions, we have the the talent and experience to define, design, develop, and implement the right solution to give you an edge in today's market.

We offer complete custom software development services tailored to satisfy your specific needs. We bring to the table a vast amount of experience and knowledge developing custom software solutions and integrating existing. Each of our development staff has been a software developer, project or technical manager within Fortune 100 manufacturing, engineering and aerospace companies. The same is true for our senior Quality Assurance staff. We offer professional services which will guide you through the successful process of analyzing, developing and implementing your software solutions.
  Development Life Cycle

Depending on your specific requirements we will utilize all or part of our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model. It utilizes the Advanced V methodology and provides:

  • Feedback loop at each stage
  • Identification of key test criteria at all stages to ensure compliance

We believe that comprehensive design and testing is the most important requirement for the success of any project.

  Development Project Plan

On all projects we will utilize our Software Development Project Plan. The plan divides the software development activities into five Project Phases. Visit our Consulting Services page for more information on our Project Management services.

  • System Study, Analysis and Planning
  • Design and Test Plans
  • Code construction and Integration
  • Unit, Integration and System Testing
  • Acceptance testing
  Development Delivery Model

The Software Development Delivery Model combines the Software Development Life Cycle and Project Plan into a clearly defined and executable model. The model divides activities into intelligent work pieces that are executed independently and simultaneously. The checks and balances it provides ensure that misdirection does not occur.


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  Offshore Outsourcing Capabilities

Software Development Outsourcing - As an extension to our in-house software development capabilities, we offer complete Software Development Outsourcing for our corporate clients. Our senior staff has been involved with implementing and managing overseas outsourcing since the early 90's. We have the experience to know what does and doesn't work. Combined with our longstanding partnerships we provide the necessary infrastructure, processes and organizations required for success.

In addition to Custom Software Development, we provide a full line of internet solutions and services including Website Design in Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Clearwater Florida and Nationwide, Ecommerce Website Development & Ecommerce Oscommerce Customization, Search Engine Optimization SEO SEM, and Website Hosting !

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