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Offshore Software Development Centers

Virext's senior team has a long standing relationship with some of the worlds most talented, successful and fastest growing software development firms in India. Our senior staff has been implementing software development outsourcing since the early 90's and have a proven track record of successful projects and client relationships. We bring to the table the knowledge, experience and processes required to successfully implement overseas software development and outsourcing within your organization. We provide the infrastructure and tools necessary to ensure success.
  • Single source and single point of contact
  • Project management with reviews at local and remote sites
  • Defined processes for workflow, review and approvals
  • Defined project measurement tools and metrics
  • Technical, Support and Logistics infrastructures
  • Integration into existing organizations and processes
  • Easy access to senior technical experts and project teams
  • No language or cultural miscommunications

Overseas software development outsourcing of corporate initiatives is a proven and repeatable solution. Our staff has been involved with implementing and managing overseas outsourcing since the early 90's. We have the experience to know what does and doesn't work. Combined with our longstanding partnerships we provide the necessary infrastructure, processes and organizations required for success. The result is software developed and delivered according to schedule and adhering to ISO 9001, SEI CMM Level 5 and PMI process certification. With a staff of over 500 software engineers, no project is too large. Whether it is a single project or a virtual extension to an organization, we will assemble the very best talent and implement the appropriate infrastructure and support organizations to ensure success. We are able to offer large clients extremely cost-effective best-in-class software solutions and consulting services in the following areas:

Design and Architecture
Software Development and Testing
Organizational Resource Extensions
Co-product Development and Enhancement
Porting and Re-engineering
Sustenance and Testing




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